Meet a couple of our Tutors: Miss Elaine Ford and Miss Numba Siluka

At the Pinkerton Model School, we keep our standards high, ranging from our photographers, to make-up artists and the tutors themselves. We are now introducing to you two of the tutors: Elaine Ford and Numba Siluka. Moth are current professional models at an advanced stage. They have both been published in various magazines at UK & International Level including: Fashion Chicago Magazine, I-on Magazine, Glasgow & Edinburgh, Location Magazine, Posed Magazine, Spectrum Magazine, Virtual Yarns, Vogue Italia, Veux International Magazine and many more.  Elaine and Numba have also participated in many fashion shows throughout the UK including: Fashion TV, LFW, GSA, ECA, as well as brands such as Harvey Nichols, Boudiche, Supermodel Caprice’s design collection,  various designers at the Scottish Wedding Exhibition and many more local designers. Elaine and Numba are both represented by model agencies in Glasgow and abroad, and are well qualified to provide model training.

Here is some of their work:

1. Miss Elaine Ford


2. Miss Numba Siluka

The next series at the Pinkerton Model School Begins on the 4th of February, 2012. To book classes, please follow the following link:!classes

About Numba Pinkerton

Personal Stylist/ Image Consultant / Makeover Specialist/ Personal/Life Coach

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