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For months I have been hearing  about how aspirin is actually good for your face! Really??  Well  these simple facemask recipies have worked amazingly well on my skin! Please do not use if you have extrememely sensitive skin!

Aspirin and Lemon Facemask (1-2 times a week)

Gives a natural glow without the need of any concealers or foundation and gives flawless skin with a good complexion.

Aspirin: Contains salicylic acid which acts like a chemical peel

Lemon: The lemon juice has Vitamin C which helps minimize sun and reduces the chance of wrinkles. The citric acid in lemon exfoliates your skin and reduces acne!

Squeeze half a lemon into a bowl, mixing in 2 teaspoons of honey. Stir in the lemon and honey until a golden liquid. You are now ready to apply mask onto face. Remember to wash your face before application. Ensure you remove all hair from your face. Begin applying from forehead, work down to cheeks and under eyes. Work through the whole of your face messaging mask into skin. Avoid contact with eyes. Once you feel your whole face is covered, wash your hands and prepare to lie down. Lie down relaxing your body and face for 10- 15 minutes. Do not move your face during this time. Relax as your skin hardens. Then wash your face with cold water and gently scrub with your hands. Gently dry with clean towel and feel the softness of your skin.

Aspirin and Honey Facemask (1-2 times per week)

Honey: Completely natural, it draws in moisture to your skin, helping your skin to keep hydrated and smooth.

Crush the aspirin on a plate with a fork. Then add a few drops of water to make it into a paste. Add a few tablespoons of honey and mix it all together with your hand. Then put it on your face, leave it for 15 minutes, and you should notice a difference to your skin right away. This can be used with Aspirin and Lemon facemask for a natural glow.

Mud Masques : Skinfood Mud Masque

Although not directly from your pantry, mud masques can be as closest to natural ingredients as you can get in a facial exfoliator/mask. Skinfood promises that its Mud Masque helps to “remove built up dirt and dead skin cells from the face” and that “the effects of using Skinfood Mud Masque are visible even after the first use, pores appear smaller and your skin feels incredibly soft.”Does the promise of having incredibly soft skin after using Skinfood’s Mud Masque hold true? It does!

It is recommended to use the masque once a week, but I’m so hooked to this product that I use it three times a week! You might want to follow the once a week recommendation to begin with though.

Skinfood Mud Masque is made with nutrient rich Rotorua Mud, Spirulina, Aloe Vera, Lavender Oil and Apricot Oil. It Helps rejuvenate the skin  and  acts like a deep cleanser to help remove dirt and debris that build up on the face.

This product is now available to purchase directly on our website. Simply follow this link:

Cheers to clear looking skin!!



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