Get the best from your workout by knowing what to eat

Knowing what to eat before hitting the gym or playing sports can be tricky. You don’t want to go through the day hungry, but don’t want to feel weighed down while you’re working out either. If you’re hungry, eat! The key is knowing what foods will weigh you down versus what foods will give you the energy you need. Keep these tips in mind while planning your meals to get the most out of your workout!

– If your workout is more than a couple hours away, go for a meal packed with carbs and protein, like a turkey sandwich. The carbs will keep your energy up and protein will give you that extra push to go your hardest later. Avoid foods that are high in fat like potato chips or sweets. You’ll crash and your workout won’t be as great.

– If it’s less than an hour before your workout but you’re hungry, go for a snack that will digest quickly, like an energy bar. It’s also important to stay hydrated even before you start your workout, so a home made smoothie is a great snack choice too.

The closer to your workout, the more you want to focus on eating carbohydrates rather than fat or protein. Carbohydrates are digested in the small intestines, whereas fat and protein are broken down in the stomach. This means cramping and indigestion are more likely when you work out with a belly full of fat- or protein-rich foods

The rule is this: The less time until the workout, the less you should eat.


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One response to “Get the best from your workout by knowing what to eat

  1. excellent tips! Will do!

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