Revolution in Fitness! Vibration Training from Power Plate or Vibrogym

Ever heard of Vibrogym or Power Plate? Well if you haven’t you will be hearing about this very soon! These  two machines used for vibration training are said to be taking the fitness world by storm!  I have been very fortunate to use the the Power Plate pro5 AIRdaptive machine in the gym, and I have to say it has been a very effective way to tone up very quickly.


It is said to provide people with a way to get in some acceleration training, which is said to stimulate the body’s natural response to vibration. This machine can provide this type of training because it is a whole body vibration machine. Currently, whole body vibration therapy and training is quite popular. It is said that top athletes use this approach to increase their fitness results and that this approach can even assist with weight loss and cellulite reduction.

The makers of the Power Plate pro5 AIRdaptive note that acceleration training works by creating instability. With each vibration the body must flex its muscles in order to stay stable and not fall over. The Power Plate actually vibrates about 25 to 50 times per second so that body is said to really be working when on this machine. Most workouts only reach 40% to 60% of the muscles being activated; the power plate activates those, plus the rarely used muscles thus reducing the amount of time required for workouts. It stimulates the whole muscular system at once, not just one muscle after another. Overall, workouts on the Power Plate are said to lead to an improvement in blood flow, increased muscle strength, improved flexibility, decreased cellulite, boosts in bone density, reductions in pain and some major toning!

You can perform static or dynamic movements; typically any gym workout can be done on the machine. Personally I concentrated on using the power plate for toning up exercises such as lunges, squats, press-ups, sit ups, hip raises, and many other exercises .I found it useful that the gym had an exercise chart poster showing images and explaining how to carry out various exercises on the power plate. The vibration sensation felt quite weird at first, but after getting used to it, I felt virtually all my muscles working! I can see a huge difference in my appearance over a week! If you can get a vibrogym or power plate in your gym, I would highly recommend it!

Author: Numba Siluka


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