Skincare 101 – Body Edition

Most women have a desire to keep their skin looking and feeling its best.  For models especially, skincare is extremely important as a bright fresh appearance will help you attain work.  We all have at least some basic regimen for our faces, but equally as important and often overlooked, is a good regimen for the skin covering the rest of your body.

As a model, you don’t want to show up to a casting with dry flaky skin, bruising, or the dreaded orange peel effect. Not to mention, you just DON’T feel good when walking around with scales of flaky dried out and pissed off skin. Once you’ve gotten the job, your “cared for” appearance will help you to showcase whatever you’re there to model on the shoot.  Be it fashion, swimwear, photographic art, editorial work, makeup artistry, you name it, you will be prepared.

When you’re feeling less than enthusiastic about doing your skincare regimen, try to remember that they picked you because you looked lovely and perfect for what they wanted at that time. Also try to keep in mind that if you get to the shoot, and you haven’t been caring for yourself or your skin they might not be very pleased.  It is of course totally possible to cover up blemishes, bruises, and other imperfections temporarily, but you will be less likely to be called back if you’re a hot mess compared to other models who are always on top of their game and looking fabulous.

All of this being said, below you will find some super simple, natural, and inexpensive ways to achieve and maintain beautifully toned, soft, and supple skin so you’re ready for anything the world of modeling throws at you.  Please note that next Fridays’ post will be Skincare 101 for your complexion, including recipes for some natural and seriously beneficial masks which you can whip up at home.  Now, onto the tips for your rocking body…

Coffee Grounds: There are millions, even billions of coffee drinkers around the world.  Many people don’t realize they could be saving the used grounds left behind for regular spa treatments at home.  Believe it or not, the high caffeine level in the coffee grounds targets fat, and helps to prevent and even reduce cellulite.  The grounds also give your skin an almost ethereal softness. I recommend storing your used coffee grounds in an airtight container in your fridge, using them a couple times per week with your showers.  To avoid smelling like a fresh cup of coffee afterwards, famous actress Halle Berry says she mixes the grounds with her favourite shower gel.  I’ve tried this with a nice lavender scented gel, and I give it a BIG stamp of approval.


My personal tip: To make sure you’re getting the supreme caffeinated benefits of the grounds, I first do a deep scrub with the grounds alone, leaving them on for a few minutes to let the caffeine soak into my skin so it targets the fatty cells.  I then follow through with blending in shower gel before rinsing off.  Again, your skin will be amazingly soft and toned after this treatment.  Also be prepared to hose down your shower afterwards, as it is a messy experience but oh so worth it.

Sugar scrub (with coconut and/or olive oil): Using a homemade oil based sugar scrub after the coffee treatment or body brushing is ideal.  Doing these treatments first will open up your skin to receive all the benefits of the sugars and the oils in the scrub, It’s gentle enough to use daily, and the alpha hydroxy acid in the sugar gives you a glowing appearance, while the sugar crystals gently exfoliate. The oils have extreme moisturizing qualities, and the benefits of the sugar and oils together, along with the massaging needed to apply the scrub improves the overall health, look and texture of your skin; the massaging itself breaks up the toxins formed in your muscles, gets your blood flowing, and your lymph moving; the scrub even banishes the unwanted bumps (keratosis pilaris) which haunt some of us.  If you take the time to do this regularly, your skin will be so very happy and so will you.

My mini recipe and personal tips: Make a batch of scrub as often as needed and keep it in a plastic airtight container in your shower/bath.  I like to make a large amount for myself about every 10-12 days. This is the easiest combination…In a large bowl add 1000 ml (about 33 ounces) of natural sugar; then add 16 tablespoons of melted (organic & cold pressed preferably) coconut oil, and 8 tablespoons olive oil (I like extra virgin but regular is fine); mix really well and you now have a perfect body scrub and you will find you don’t need a drop of body lotion. Another personal tip…you can also add some of your fave essential oils to create a nice scent.  Some good scents are lavender, lemongrass, and rosemary.  They all smell lovely even when combined together, and their individual benefits we will have to discuss at another time.

Body brushing / cellulite massage: Body brushing and cellulite massage done regularly will reduce cellulite, and tone up problem areas. Your circulation gets a boost and it stimulates your lymphatic system, (which is responsible for removing cellulite causing toxins from your body). This treatment also benefits you in that it speeds up skin cell renewal, stimulates blood flow, and leaves you with a healthy glow.  Further, it aids lymphatic drainage, and can help reduce ingrown hairs if done regularly.

 Here is a basic method for you to follow:

1. Start at the soles of the feet and make long sweeping movements toward the knees

2. Use firm anti-clockwise movements over the thighs hips and buttocks

3. Brush with light clockwise circular strokes, moving upwards from the stomach to the chest

4. Use long strokes from the lower back upwards and short downward strokes over the shoulders

5. Brush in long upward sweeps from hand to elbow, and then from elbow to shoulder

My personal tip: I like to do this in the shower with my lavender shower gel, and I mix it up with the coffee treatment.  I personally feel that the dry brushing is a very OUCH experience and I feel I still achieve the same benefits with the wet brushing as the dry brushing.  Doing this in the shower with the gel also helps to keep the body brush clean.  I also like to mix it up with using a cellulite massager brush specifically on my annoying areas, which sometimes can be my body in its entirety.

All in all, these treatments will cost you some extra time out of your day, and YES, they can be a pain when all you want to do is hop in and out of the shower.  If you do however, make time to add these treatments into your schedule, you will see the appearance of your skin improve so drastically you really will not believe it.  Also, I suspect you will get more work because you’re going to be this glowing entity walking into a casting or a shoot.



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