10 Tips on How to Achieve a Natural Make-up Look

The natural look in makeup is a popular trend in 2012. In fact, the trend for autumn 2012 makeup is based on very natural looks. Although the key to natural make-up is to appear that you aren’t wearing makeup or wearing very little makeup, many girls find it hard to get the natural make-up look down. The main thing to remember is that not every skin tone is going to use the same colours and products to achieve the natural make-up look. What looks right on one person will not look right on another, so your best option is to have a make-up trial either yourself or by a professional make-up artist.

Here are 10 clear guidelines to help you achieve a natural make-up look:


1. Start by Perfecting Your Skin

This is so that the makeup blends in more easily. First, cleanse your skin, lightly exfoliate, and then apply a toner to close up your pores.  Then add moisturiser and/or primer.

2. Conceal Any Flaws

For visible breakouts or deep under-eye circles, use a pigment-rich concealer, before applying foundation. Ensure that your foundation is an exact colour match and texture for your skin colour.

3. Use Powder If Needed

If your skin gets shiny, follow with an oil-absorbing powder. (Note: If your skin is very oily, skip the moisturiser and use only primer and foundation, and then powder.)

4. Pick a Warm Cheek Colour

If you are overwhelmed by all the colours and not sure which one to pick, pinch your cheeks and that will be a good blush colour for you.

For most people with fair skin, a natural makeup look will mean rosy and pink tones.

If you have medium coloured skin, you have a lot more room for experiment when it comes to achieving a natural makeup look. Try some pinks and lighter browns to see what looks best against your skin. Medium skinned woman can actually inter-mix colours to get the best effect.

If you have dark skin, then bronze is your best bet when it comes to a natural make-up look. Make sure to pick warm, brown-based colors to help bring out the glow on your deep complexion. If you want to get a little more dramatic, you can even play around with some pinks…(very lightly) to give your cheeks a bit of colour.

5. Shade Eyelids

A soft, brownish tint enhances your eyes’ natural contours without showing up as shadow. Choose a shade slightly darker than your skin. This applies to all skin types.  Brush it into the creases and along the lower lashes, making sure there are no hard edges. I would highly recommend Urban Decay eye shadow (Naked) it has tones for all skin types in one palette. This eye shadow is also multifunctional! It can sometimes be used on cheeks or for contouring.

For extra eye brightening, apply a highlighter to the centres of the lids, the brow bones, and the inner corners of the eyes.

6. Dot on Eye Pencil (Optional)

If your eyes need a little extra definition (or you want a slightly less bare look for evening), lightly dot a soft gray or brown pencil between the top lashes. Black eye pencil would work for dark skin tones.

7. Enhance Lashes

Defined lashes are essential, even for a no-makeup look. Apply two coats to the top lashes (if they’re blond, use brown mascara; if darker, brownish black). For a boost, use a flat eyeliner brush to grab a bit of mascara from the wand and apply to just the roots of the bottom lashes.

 8. Subtly Amp-Up Lips

To get a pretty tint (that also lasts), pick a shade that matches your lips exactly. Bite your lips and whatever color they turn, will be a good lipstick or lip gloss colour for you for a natural look. Press the colour into your lips with your fingertip, rather than applying it directly from the tube.

If you have fair skin, make sure not to go to pale on the lip color as it will wash you out too much. You still want to have some pop of colour on your lips to make them stand out a little.

For medium skin, you could pair a bronzy blush with a paler pink lip gloss and get a great natural makeup look.

The only thing that you have to beware of with dark skin is that not everyone with dark skin has the same colour lips. If your lips are a pinkish colour, do a lighter colour and not a dark brown. If your mouth is more of a caramel colour, then go ahead and pick a chocolate shade for your lip gloss or lip stick.

9. Use a Highlighter

The use of Highlighter  in your daily routine makeup is a great way to glow and shine your skin. Highlighter can make your eyes look brighter and lips appear fuller and the contours your cheekbones as always. Best tip of using highlight is to highlight always top of cheekbones, the bridge of nose and eyelids and inner corner of eyes. Always remember that use a small amount in the most naturallight possible. 

Apply highlighter with your finger tips and then use a small fluffy eye shadow brush to blend it. A colour of highlighter is also very important and difficult to choose. If you have fair skin tone, use it with bit more silver it look pop-evening style. Darker skin tones usually use a bit more gold or peach highlighter for a natural look.

10. Final Tip

Remember with any skin tone colour that if you want to get a natural makeup look, that you makeup needs to look natural. This means that you should start out your makeup look with a natural mineral foundation makeup that isn’t heavy. It should look like you are not wearing any foundation and that you just have an even toned skin. Also, when picking your makeup for you natural look, try to stick to creamier textures so that it looks smooth on your face when applied.




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2 responses to “10 Tips on How to Achieve a Natural Make-up Look

  1. Really liked you great tips on getting a natural look with makeup. I’ll definitely try some of them out.

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