Get an A+ Manicure in Your Own Home (Fake Nails)

Getting an A+ manicure doesn’t necessarily mean a visit to the beauty salon to have a cosmetician work on your hands, especially not when you can get the same results in the comfort of your home at a fraction of the cost!

Having had problems with my natural nails over the years (due to my bad habit of biting nails), I have tried  many different cosmetic nail options to try and make my nails look better. Manicures have never worked for me, mainly because my nails have never been long enough to get them done. Gel nails have proved a nightmare and not flexible enough for modelling jobs. The only option that has worked effectively over the past years for me is artificial (stick-on) nails. Artificial nails look real, they don’t chip easily, they can last up to 10 days and have definitely saved me a fortune over the years whilst achieving  perfect natural looking (fake) manicured nails. Plus, I always get complimented on may nails which feels fantastic! Any woman can get a perfect (fake) manicure at home with some patience and by following the guidelines below:

Firstly, you can purchase fake nails of various lengths and styles from many high street stores. I find Superdrug has a good variety and more reasonable prices. The average price for good quality fake nails is about £6.45. If you are a model, choose natural looking short length nails. Most nail packs come with 24 nails, a nail file and glue.

Applying fake nails is extremely easy and only takes up about 10 minutes of you time. To apply the fake nails, you will need the following items: Nail glue, brush, buffer, nail file, cuticle pusher and cuticle nipper, although the last few items are not extremely necessary.

To begin, push your cuticles back, then remove excess cuticles and buff/clean nails before applying fake nails. File your nails down if you need to. Step two of the procedure implies choosing the nails that fit your nail, lay them out in front of you in order. Then apply nail glue to your natural nail (only) or another way is to apply the glue to both your natural nail and the fake nail.  Ensure you apply plenty of pressure  for  about 10 to 15 seconds to make sure all air bubbles are pushed out from in between the natural and the fake nail. You can then proceed to filing the nail in the shape that you like and that best suits your hand.  They should last up to 10 days!

Removing them is just as easy. Remove by soaking all fingers in an artificial nail remover, take your hand out after five minutes and file the nail. Then place your hand back into the solution – don’t be tempted to pull them off. Although I must admit I have done this several times, and it rally doesn’t affect my nails at all!! If you dare to go wild for a special occasion or holiday, you have many different fake nail options too!

I hope this blog helps everyone with horrible natural nails like mine!

Author: Numba Siluka


About Numba Pinkerton

Personal Stylist/ Image Consultant / Makeover Specialist/ Personal/Life Coach

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