Rihanna in Vogue: Short Hair is the New Sexy!

There is nothing like a short, sassy cut to freshen up any look. Short hairstyles make such a statement;  it’s no wonder we’ve seen some of our favorite celebrities take the big chop. Funky haircuts provide a spectacular look to the wearer, making them appear stylish and ultra confident.

Short hairstle pinkerton model school

If you’re thinking of taking a hair risk and swapping out your long locks for a cropped do, don’t be afraid to be bold. No matter the reasoning behind the transition, own your new style with a crazy amount of coolness and be proud! Short hair simply screams: “I’m so fly I’m beautiful with or without hair on my back!”

A perfect example of a celebrity that has recently decided to go for a short do is Rihanna. She has been the ultimate talk of the world recently for her sexy pixie cut, so much so that  she nabbed her 2nd VOGUE Cover in the November 2012 issue, shot by Annie Leibovitz. Rihanna totally rocks her short haircut and also looks absolutely fantastic in red! Check out these images from Vogue November 2012: Red Hot- RIHANNA.











Click here for the full interview!


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