How to dress yourself Slim- 6 Basic Tips

If you have not mastered the art of slim dressing yet, this article will give you a few quick tricks on looking slimmer and more feminine.

look slimmer 

Tip # 1: Ignore the size tag

Far too many women regulate what they buy by the number on the tag. Instead, you should purchase based on what fits – whether that is a size 6 or a size 26. Every manufacturer is different, and you should never limit yourself to the size on the tag. If you need a much larger size in a certain brand, don’t let that deter you from making the purchase of a great item. Simply remove the tag when you get home if you are bothered by the number. Basically, you want to look for clothing that most flatters your own individual figure, and always remember to dress proportionately. For instance, don’t pair a full skirt with a blousy top, or you risk looking extra round.

Tip # 2: Select a Proper fit for your individual figure and proportions

  Many people wear clothing that is either too small or too large – which only accentuates weight. Clothing that is too large and bulky will add weight and clothing that is too tight will do the same.People who wear tight clothing have the false hope it will make them appear skinnier. Those who prefer baggy clothing assume the loose fit will “hide” fat, making them appear smaller. Neither of these two notions actually assist in creating a slim silhouette. Clothing that is too tight simply re-locates fat, causing unsightly rolls whilst loose fitting, baggy clothing visually adds 10 pounds of bulk, making you appear much heavier than you actually are. Basically, you want to look for clothing that most flatters your own individual figure, and always remember to dress proportionately.

Tip # 3: Don’t be afraid to wear bright colours

Wearing bright and bold colours is not only shows your creative and fun side but also highlights your best assets. Team bright colours with darker shades to achieve a more balanced look. If you have full thighs and wide hips try wearing dark pants or a nice pencil skirt on the bottom and a pop of colour on top. Darker colours on the bottom will help slim down those stubborn areas. By applying fun bright and bold colours to the top it will bring focus to the best parts of your body. If you have problems up top instead of your waist and legs, do the opposite. Wear bright colours on bottom and darker colours on top. If you want some variety to pair with dark colours, wear fun accent pieces by adding  accessories like a lengthy scarf, necklace or bracelets.

Tip # 4Choose tailored clothing

Many clothing companies mistakenly create pieces that look square when laying flat on a table. Clothing should display shape and movement, even when not being worn. All shirts should taper slightly at the waist and under the breast bone. Pants and skirts should also taper slightly at the waist, and flair out a bit at the hip. Tailored clothing gives your entire body gorgeous curvaceous shape, making you look feminine and attractive.

Tip # 5Highlight your Waist

Adding a belt to your waist line can make you look like you’ve been working hard at the gym! This little trick can take pounds off you, making you look slimmer and more feminine, highlighting just the best of your womanly assets and creating those sexy attractive curves that men die for! Feel slimmer and sexy with the help of a simple belt. The best colours are black, brown and beige which will go with most tops or dresses.

Tip # 6: Get a pair of comfortable Heels

Shoes are extremely important in creating a flattering look. While not always practical, wearing heels will extend the length of your body, which is key to looking slimmer. Luckily, there are many varieties of heels, which include platforms, pumps, clogs, wedges and stacked heels. These are normally comfortable for every day wear, and can extend the visual appearance of your legs for a slimmer look.

We hope you enjoyed the article 🙂


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