Spring 2014 Colour & Style Trends


Spring has been very slow to come but it’s finally here. For most of us, this is an exciting time to update our wardrobes with something fresh and new. This article will highlight the Spring 2014 Trends, which will enable you to pick and buy some trendy new items to add to your existing wardrobe in order to keep it fresh and stylish.

 From tribal influences to floral prints, artistic inspiration to metallics, street style to sheer fabrics, this season’s trends were varied as they were masterful and feminine. In terms of colour we have four main colour trends:

1. Orange

 Orange is certainly the new black this season! If you have a warm skin tone, then you are one lucky woman, because orange is here for the taking in your spring wardrobe. The fiery hue has been spotted all over the spring 2014 ready to wear shows making it’s way from the season’s trends for lip colour to clothes, bags and shoes. If you find it overpowering, go for a hint of colour rather than a full block.

2. Icy Pastels

 Muted blush, mint, violet and icy blue all walked the runways. Icy Pastels are perfect for spring because they add a bit of colour to your wardrobe without being too intense or obvious. These colours will enhance your features and give you a fresh look. most pastel colours will work best on womwn with a light colouring or those with cool skin tones.

3. Black and White Combinations

 The combination of black and white is definitely proving it’s staying power with most brands having a few items in this lovely combination. Perfect as a printed item of clothing or colour blocks.

4. Metallics

 Glamorous golds and shimmering silver add a touch to the season. Perfect for evening wear or accessorising your outfit.

 Enjoy the spring season!

By Numba Pinkerton


About Numba Pinkerton

Personal Stylist/ Image Consultant / Makeover Specialist/ Personal/Life Coach

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