Crop Tops- How to Wear Them

Crop tops are very fashionable at the moment, and although they can look very fashionable on some people, they could also look completely ‘off’ on certain body types. To draw a balance, I always recommend investing in a few investment pieces/classics to make your chosen top look amazing and stylish. Fashion always fades, so buying some ‘in-fashion’ pieces must be done cheaply. You do not want to spend a fortune on items that will go ‘off-season’ very quickly.
So if you have been working hard on your sit-ups recently, chances are that you will look fab in a crop top! Crop tops would suit people with flat stomachs, Petites and flat/medium-chested women.
The most versatile way to wear your crop top is to select a classy style in pastel or neutral colours such as black, navy, charcoal, beige, white, off-white, etc and then go crazy with your bottom half, opting for prints,  pastel or bright colours complementary to your top. High waist trousers and fitted or A-Line skirts in bright colours and patterns may just give you an edge!

Examples: (Refer to Image)
1 Can be worn with A and B
2 Can be worn with  C and D
3 Can be worn with E and F


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