10 Style & Fashion Tips for Women with Large Breasts

Every woman has their characteristic body shape and features, and although a big bust is deemed as desirable, the reality of having a big bust can be far different. I have come across many woman who would like some help to style and dress for a large bust. So this post will concentrate on flattering a large bust, from minimising to enhancing. The following are some handy tips for women with a big bust:

how to dress for a large bust

1. Dark Colours Minimise- Wear a darker coloured top than bottom which will draw the eye away from your bust and torso onto your bottom half. When referring to dark colours, please don’t restrict your options to only black, some other dark and light combinations would include: a navy top and orange bottom, burgundy top and beige Bottom, brown top and cream bottom, black top and grey bottom, purple top and yellow bottom. Bottoms could be lock colours or patterned.

2. Accessorising – Stick to shorter chains or collar style necklaces. Avoid longer necklaces, as they tend to sit awkwardly on the bust and also draw attention to the tummy area. Chunky necklaces are also ideal for bigger women as they draw attention to your face. Go for medium or large bags to balance out your bust. Small bags will enhance the size of your bust! Use scarves to your advantage rapping them around your neck to cover your bust for women that are really self conscience.

3. Opt for V-Necks and Scoop Necks- These open the expanse of skin between the neck and bust, making your bust appear smaller. Avoid rounded necklines, turtle necks and Halter necks as these make your bust look much bigger than they actually are.

4. Wear Fitted Styles– Baggy styles swamp your figure and make you look bigger than you are. Go for more fitted styles instead to help create a slim streamlined appearance. Fitted Jackets, for example look better as opposed to boxy jackets.  Use a waist belt on your dress to create a streamlined effect.  Instead of belting in a voluminous or flowy dress or top, opt for one that is fitted around the bust to create a streamlined effect. Wrap dresses are fantastic for large busted women for this reason! They combine the fitted effect at the waist with the v-neck effect around the neck to create a slimmer, streamlined and feminine look that is timeless.

5. Sleeve length Matters- Opt for three quarter sleeves, as they will look more slimming and make your bust appear smaller than sleeveless or short sleeved styles.

6. Wear a Proper Bra– make sure you get bra fitted by an expert. Marks and Spencer’s have a bra fitting service and a range of bras specifically made for a large bust. A correct fitting bra will accentuate your bust and provide better support. The right bra will also ensure your clothes feel and sit better

7. Wear Bigger Straps- Avoid spaghetti straps at all costs as they only exaggerate the appearance of your bust and do not support your bust. Bigger straps balance out your bust and provide that extra support for your bust.

8. Wear Single breasted Jackets- Can be quite slimming especially on a large bust. Alternatively, a double breasted jacket makes your torso and bust look much larger than it is.

9. Simple Tops and Jackets with No Fuss around the Bust Area- Pick tops with no frills or flounces and avoid jackets with wide lapels which can add bulk to your bust area. Stick to tops or jackets with minimal fuss.

10.  Fine Knits- Chunky knits can add extra bulk and make you bigger than you are, opt for finer knits instead that will minimise the bulk.


  • High rounded necklines, turtle necks and Halter necks
  • Frills and Flounces on Tops
  • Double breasted jackets
  • Boxy style jackets
  • Chunky knits
  • Buggy styles
  • Long Necklaces
  • Small Bags

 Your Personal Stylist,

Numba Pinkerton xx






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Personal Stylist/ Image Consultant / Makeover Specialist/ Personal/Life Coach

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