Chunk it Up with River Island- Favourite £20 & Under Necklaces

When it comes to dressing up a simple outfit, accessorising is a vital part of your outfit and should not be ignored. Accessorising can change your overall look and improve your image altogether. Accessories are needed to accentuate an outfit and showcase your style and personality. We all know that chunky necklaces are huge part of this year’s trends, but like anything else, the choices out there are endless. The trick is finding something that suits you and works for your outfit.

Whilst on a recent trip personal shopping for a client, I was amazed at the choice of necklaces in River Island as compared to any other shop. Their necklaces ranged from chunky and extravagant to simple and classic. Whilst many other shops only had a few chunky necklaces at the most, River Island definitely proved to be a good choice for variety and quantity! So iv picked 9 of my favourite chunky necklaces that are both versatile and stylish all at a cost of less than £20! These choices will provide an alternative from the usual multicoloured floral design necklaces.

Best Chunky Necklaces River Island

 1. Black Spike Necklace £12- This spiky number is perfect with t-shirts! It has the power to smarten up your outfit and grunge it up at the same time. Are you a rock chick at heart? If so, you have found the perfect necklace.

black spike repeat necklace 12

 2. Gold Tone Lariat Necklace £10- Simple yet effective- This gold necklace is prefect for v-necks or scoop necks. Because the design is quite simple, it can be matched with a printed top or dress. Gold necklaces work better with warmer colours such as browns, oranges, yellows and reds.

gold tone lariat necklace 8

 3. Black teardrop Gemstone Necklace £18- Black and Gold is a great combination. This number is very elegant yet effective. Suitable for round or scooped necklines with no details, this necklace will fill in the space on your chest, and draw attention to your beautiful face and jaw line. Wear with a block coloured top or dress in colours such as black, brown, beige, cream, yellow and green.

black teardrop gemstone necklace 18

 4. Silverstone Diamante Necklace £20- This necklace is so well made that you would naturally expect it to cost more than £20! But it doesn’t. This is perfect for dressing up your occasion dress. Go for a v-neckline to highlight the lovely features of this necklace. Silver can be perfectly matched to cool colours such as greys, pinks (Except corals), blues and greens.  Note: Do not wear silver is you are heavily tanned. Opt for more golden necklaces.

silver stone diamonte necklace 20

 5. Silver Tone and Light Blue Bar Necklace £12- What’s not to love about a pastel blue and silver combo! This simple necklace is perfect for an effortless yet unique smart casual look. It can be work with block colours or a print and still look subtle. A monochrome outfit would work perfectly with this necklace.

silver tone and light blue bar necklace 12

6. Blue Tear Drop Statement necklace £18- Let the necklace do the talking! Pair with a simple block coloured dress in a neutral cool colour such as black, white or grey.

blue teardrop statement necklace 18

 7. Mixed metal Repeat bar Necklace £12– A mix of gold and silver in a necklace is very fashionable and can look stylish with the right top or dress. Perfect for casual outfits!

Mixed Metal Repeat Bar Necklace 12

8. Mixed Metal Twisted Slink necklace £15- I love this necklace because it is so unique! The perfect type of top for this necklace is a cami top. The necklace is so versatile, thanks to it’s silver and gold combo mix. It can go with virtually any colour, adding a spark to your outfit.

Mixed Metal Twisted slinky necklace 15

9. Goldstone Clustered gem necklace £18-This fantastic necklace combines an abstract shape with a unique and pretty floral design to create an elegant necklace which works for any age group. This necklace would go well with tops that have a high neckline. The length of the necklace will elongate your body and the unique design would work with both block colours and prints.

Gold Tone clustred gem necklace 18


So if you are looking for a shop where you can get nearly all of your chunky necklace collection, look no further than River Island!

Your Personal Stylist,

Numba Pinkerton



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