Swap your Black Blazer for a Khaki Number!

When it comes down to making fall/winter trends of 2014-2015 wearable and practical, Zara has been one of main brands in the forefront in implementing the current trends from runway to high street, opting for styles that are suitable for a range of age groups and colours that can be mixed and matched with other items of clothing. When ‘military’ hit the runway for Fall/Winter 2014-2015, khaki was the dominating colour. This colour has been interpreted in various forms, silhouettes and looks by various designers and brands.

khaki trend 2014Above:image from fashionising.com

I particularly like Zara for it’s quality of blazers as well as well as the simplicity and versatility of it’s designs. A blazer is one of the key elements of your wardrobe as it can transform your outfit from casual to smart casual and from smart casual to neat, making it wearable for many different occasions. As such going for a neutral colour should be your first option, until now! With the Khaki trend on-board we can definitely leave some room for another blazer in this versatile shade. Although khaki is not technically is neutral colour, it surprisingly goes with plenty of other colours, making it another good option to have as a blazer. You can wear a khaki blazer with: Jeans, trousers or a dress in colours such as navy, pastel or electric blue, mint green, black, beige, camel and brown.

Here are some recommendations for Khaki Blazers from Zara:

Zara khaki trend 2014

 Flowy Blazer with Zips £79.99

Straight cut with a tailored back, this blazer would suit anyone with a rectangular body shape or has a big bust.


  1. Moleskin Blazer with Elbow Patches in Light Khaki £49.99

A lovely fitted jacket perfect for hourglass and triangular figures. It will show off your tiny waist!


  1. Blazer with with daraped lapel £59.99

The waterfall design of this blazer makes it ideal for people who would like to conceal the tummy area but look stylish!


Your personal stylist,
Numba Pinkerton x



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