5 Things People Decide Within Seconds of Meeting You

Within moments of meeting people, you decide all sorts of things about them, from status to intelligence. According to Business Insider, here are 5 top things people decide within seconds of meeting you.

If you’re successful

If you are looking to buy a suit, get it tailored to fit your body shape and proportions. A tailored suit will make you look more successful.

tailored suit style

In a British-Turkish study, participants looked at photos of men in tailored versus off-the-peg suits for just five seconds, with the guys in tailored suits rated as more successful. “On the evidence of this study it appears men may be advised to purchase clothing that is well‐tailored, as it can positively enhance the image they communicate to others,” the authors wrote.

If you’re high-status

Designer clothing definitely gives a perception of high status, but ONLY status!

designer clothing and status

A Dutch study found that people wearing name-brand clothes — Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger, to be precise — were seen as higher status than folks wearing non-designer clothes. “Perceptions did not differ on any of the other dimensions that might affect the outcome of social interactions,” the authors wrote. “There were no differences in perceived attractiveness, kindness, and trustworthiness.”

If you’re on your way to a promotion

It’s not just status — it’s earnings potential, too. Your image can affect your earning potential.

smart suit successful

In a 2011 Canadian study, university students were shown photos of male models dressed in either business or casual attire. They were then asked questions about how that guy would perform in a variety of jobs. The results were stark: Not only were the crisply dressed men and women expected to make more money, they were expected to get promoted more rapidly.

If you’re dominant

Here is some good news for bolding men: If your hair is starting to disappear, don’t be afraid to have it much shorter or shave it off!

short hair male

Bald isn’t just beautiful; it’s powerful. A University of Pennsylvania study found that “men with shaved heads were rated as more dominant than similar men with full heads of hair,” and that “men whose hair was digitally removed were perceived as more dominant, taller, and stronger than their authentic selves.

If you’re confident and smart

There is much to be said about eye contact and talking expressively. This will make you appear confident, in control and smart.

confident and smart

A  2007 study  led by  Loyola Marymount University professor  Nora A. Murphy found that looking your conversation partner in the eye was huge for your perceived smartness. “Looking while speaking was a key behaviour,” she wrote. “It significantly correlated with IQ, was successfully manipulated by impression-managing targets, and contributed to higher perceived intelligence ratings.”

So if you would like to portray the right image in your workplace, contact me to find out how I can help you.


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