Blusher is a must-have in any make-up routine. A complexion isn’t complete without a hint of gel, cream or powder formula to brighten it up and give it a youthful glow.

How to Pick The Right Blusher

There is a whole range of products and formulas to choose from, however, you want to make sure the product you pick is right for your skin type and colouring. Here are 5 tips to help you pick the right blusher for your skin type and colouring:

Be aware of your colouring- If you have yellow undertones to your skin or your skin is sallow, you will more than likely have to go for warmer shades of blusher in a shade of coral or orange. If you have blue/pink undertones to your skin and you are very light in complexion, you will most likely suit cooler shades of blusher in rose tones of pink or deep tones of cool pink.

Have at least two shades of blusher: One lighter for day time and one darker for evening use.

Test different shades before you buy. Test the blusher shades you think will suit you on the back of your hand. You want to make sure that the shade is not too dark or too light on your skin. The right shade will give a hint of colour with a light glow.

Be aware of texture- Powder blushes are more suited to younger looking skin. If you have more mature skin, opt for cream of liquid blushes. These are more effective because they will look more natural on your skin type and blend in a lot easier.

Do you have sensitive skin? Natural products will work best for you. Blushers with some natural extracts are better for your skin and will prevent break-outs, especially for those with sensitive skin. Check your ingredients before you buy.

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