About Us

Being chic and classy is not something only reserved for the very rich or the very thin. Girls and women on a tight budget who are prepared to invest in themselves and learn what works best for them can still look wonderful every day. The key to dressing well and developing a personal style is surprisingly simple: find out what suits you and your lifestyle, how to pull it all together, and where to buy it. Our main aim is to empower you to be your own Personal Shopper & Personal Stylist and make life a lot simpler.

The secret to looking fabulous is not about slavishly following fashion or looking like a supermodel, it’s about finding your OWN style. Style is personal. It does not come from wanting to be someone else, or wanting to be thinner, shorter, taller or prettier. However, finding your own style can be a daunting prospect for many of us. Style me Flawless is committed to helping you find styles that fit and flatter your body shape, ensuring you  look effortlessly stylish and chic regardless of your shape and size. You will receive style and fashion tips which will enable you to learn what styles work best for you and how to dress for your body shape.

Fore more information, please visit our website on http://www.stylemeflawless.co.uk/

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Contact us: stylemeflawless@live.com


About Numba Pinkerton

Personal Stylist/ Image Consultant / Makeover Specialist/ Personal/Life Coach

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