Why More Scottish Women are Seeking Image Consultants and Personal Stylists

Personal Styling and Shopping

It is well known that clothing, accessories and footwear feature prominently in women’s spending habits with the UK retailing industry recording substantial growth in the last 4 years. However, as more and more Scottish women find ways to cut down on their spending and save more money, Image Consultants (also known as Personal Stylists) are in greater demand now than ever before. The image consulting industry first started in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Before that time, “image consulting” for the general public was not a familiar concept. Politicians, models, TV personalities and celebrities were the only likely candidates to hire an image consultant or receive an image makeover. Today, the demand for quality image consultants by regular women has risen to a high as new markets have emerged in Scotland.

Much has been written about women’s body image over the past decade – almost all of it suggesting that more and more women are growing increasingly dissatisfied with their physical appearance. The 1997 Psychology Today Body Image Survey shows there’s more discontent with the shape of our bodies than ever before, with 56% of women being dissatisfied with their overall appearance.  Image Consultants have come to women’s rescue by ensuring that they help clients look their best and feel more confident in their appearance. Image Consultants work with a client’s colouring, body shape and individual personality elements to identify the building blocks of what works for the client and their lifestyle. They train and coach clients along the way to integrate this learning into their lives far beyond the consultation or the fashion trend of the time.

colour analysis consultation

Our image consultation and personal styling bookings have increased dramatically this year alone. I think more and more Scottish women are starting to realise that with the extensive choice of shops and products out there, It is hard to know what to pick and extremely easy to waste money on clothing, shoes, accessories, make-up and skincare products that don’t  work on the individual. Both men and women have now realised that by gaining the basic knowledge about body shapes, styles, colours and general image, they can be in more control of their appearance and the products they choose to spend money on.

One Scottish woman who benefited from image consulting at ‘Style Me Flawless’ is Julie, a Consultant from Glasgow. She said: “I found myself only wearing half of what I had and never felt great in what I wore. My confidence has been boosted dramatically. I have found that people are reacting more positively to me, my husband loves the new me and I look forward to opening the closet door and picking my outfit for the day.”

Image Consulting also worked for Moira, a business woman from Glasgow. When asked about her experience, she stated: “I feel much slimmer, more comfortable and much more stylish!”

With an increase in demand for image consulting services, it is believed that Scottish women will once more embrace their body shapes and image in a more positive manner, dress in stylish ways that are much more personal to them, save time and avoid overspending. For more information or to book a consultation, visit Style Me Flawless on http://www.stylemeflawless.co.uk

Your personal stylist,
Numba Pinkerton x

How to Wear a Skirt in Autumn & Winter for a Stylish Look

I am a big fun of skirts because they can look really feminine and stylish if worn correctly. They are also very versatile, making them wearable with many different kinds of tops and sweaters. They can be dressed up for work with a feminine shirt/blouse or dressed down with a thick polo/turtle neck jumper. So when others are thinking of putting their skirts away for winter, keep yours out, for autumn is the best season to create some stylish looks with your skirt.

how to wear skirts in winter

Basic Rules:

  • Always wear stockings or leggings with your skirt.
  • You can wear knee length boots or ankles length boots depending on the length of your skirt. Ankle length boots are more suited to longer skirts.
  • Pick a neutral colour of skirt that can be mixed and matched with various tops/jumpers in your wardrobe. If the skirt is patterned, pick one with a dominant neutral colour. Colours such as brown, beige, black, navy, denim blue, white and cream always work best whether plain or patterned.
  • Finish off your look with a stylish trench coat or three quarter length coat.

Here are three main looks to go for:

The Midi- Skirt

A midi skirt is always a winter favourite for me. A midi skirt in a thick material such as wool, denim, heavy cotton or leather is perfect for autumn/winter, as it can look feminine and elegant, yet keep you warm in the colder months. A midi skirt also has a spectacular slimming effect, by highlighting the slimmest parts of your body- your waist and lower legs.

The midi skirt can sometimes be a hard one to wear depending on your height. A midi skirt that is too short makes you look squat, whilst one that is too long makes you tool like a big woman. If you are short, stick to a skirt that hits just above or below the knee. If you are tall, any length will work just as long as it does not go below your ankles. Ideally, your skirt should hit mid shin- where your legs begin to slim out. Opt for a high waisted a-line midi skirt that will highlight your lovely waist.

Team with a fitted turtle neck top for a causal look, or a printed blouse paired with a lovely cardigan. Finish off with lovely studded earings, a small scarf and square handbag.

how to wear midi skirts

The Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is one of the longest running silhouettes in fashion. It has a flattering look when worn right on just about any figure. Pencil skirts scan be attractive for office ladies or business woman who want to show off their curves. Care has to be taken to choose the right length. Choose one that hits your mid-knees for a timeless, elegant and stylish look. With a tucked in shirt/blouse or belted jacket it can give the wearer a long lean line whilst showing off the legs. Add a slim waist belt to bring focus to your waist, making it look tiny.Team with a peplum top or jacket (for boyish or hourglass figures) or a fitted jacket to create a waist or slim a waist. A leather pencil skirt is surprisingly very flattering and chic, as well as very wearable. It can be worn with anything from lacy tops to woollen jackets. Wear your leather skirt this season with a printed fur coat, in line with this season’s trends.


Mini Skirt

A mini skirt can also be made to look stylish in autumn/winter. When worn correctly, the mini skirt can actually look quite chic! Wear a mini skirt only is you have slim legs, as it can be very unflattering otherwise. Team with a thick turtle neck blouse (to balance out the mini-skirt), black opaque tights and black boots, and a three quarter coat to complete your winter look.


Your Personal Stylist

Numba Pinkerton xx

Swap your Black Blazer for a Khaki Number!

When it comes down to making fall/winter trends of 2014-2015 wearable and practical, Zara has been one of main brands in the forefront in implementing the current trends from runway to high street, opting for styles that are suitable for a range of age groups and colours that can be mixed and matched with other items of clothing. When ‘military’ hit the runway for Fall/Winter 2014-2015, khaki was the dominating colour. This colour has been interpreted in various forms, silhouettes and looks by various designers and brands.

khaki trend 2014Above:image from fashionising.com

I particularly like Zara for it’s quality of blazers as well as well as the simplicity and versatility of it’s designs. A blazer is one of the key elements of your wardrobe as it can transform your outfit from casual to smart casual and from smart casual to neat, making it wearable for many different occasions. As such going for a neutral colour should be your first option, until now! With the Khaki trend on-board we can definitely leave some room for another blazer in this versatile shade. Although khaki is not technically is neutral colour, it surprisingly goes with plenty of other colours, making it another good option to have as a blazer. You can wear a khaki blazer with: Jeans, trousers or a dress in colours such as navy, pastel or electric blue, mint green, black, beige, camel and brown.

Here are some recommendations for Khaki Blazers from Zara:

Zara khaki trend 2014

 Flowy Blazer with Zips £79.99

Straight cut with a tailored back, this blazer would suit anyone with a rectangular body shape or has a big bust.


  1. Moleskin Blazer with Elbow Patches in Light Khaki £49.99

A lovely fitted jacket perfect for hourglass and triangular figures. It will show off your tiny waist!


  1. Blazer with with daraped lapel £59.99

The waterfall design of this blazer makes it ideal for people who would like to conceal the tummy area but look stylish!


Your personal stylist,
Numba Pinkerton x


10 Steps to Achieving a Stylish Autumn/Winter Wardrobe

Autumn is finally here, and if you have found yourself bewilderedly standing in front of your wardrobe on a recent chilly day and trying to remember just how to go about dressing for colder weather, you are not alone. The shops are buzzing with new autumn/winter clothing ranges and magazines are at lengths to entice us with ‘must-have’ items; bombarding us with new ideas frequently. It’s no wonder must of us are confused about what to wear and our wardrobes are a mess. We end up feeling overwhelmed by the huge choice available on the high-street or frustrated by clothes that don’t fit, and spend thousands of wasted pounds on clothes we never end up wearing. We find it hard to put outfits together and end up wearing the same few outfits, including our usual, safe ‘black’. The secret to looking stylish this autumn/winter and making the most of your wardrobe is simple. It requires careful preparation and planning coupled with strategic organisation and purposeful shopping.


Step 1: Know your Colours and Styles

  •  If you have already had a style and consultation, look back at your notes and colour swatches to remind you of what colours work best for you. This will help you prepare for your autumn wardrobe and help make more informed decisions about your wardrobe, which will save you plenty of time and money.
  • If you have not had a consultation done, the process will still help with organising your wardrobe, although the results will not be as effective and you may end up wasting money by purchasing wrong styles and colours. An image consultant can help you identify what styles and colours work best for you.

Step 2: Analyse your Wardrobe

  •  Unless you have a walk in wardrobe similar to Sarah Jessica parker’s in ‘Sex and the City’, you simply cannot have all your seasonal clothes clumped together in the same wardrobe.
  • Open your wardrobes and drawers and go through each item one by one, analysing them carefully to help you determine which items to keep and which items to get rid of.

Step 3: De-clutter

  •  De-cluttering is a great way of cleansing your wardrobe and personal life and you always feel so much better for it.
  • Get rid of all clothes and shoes you would wear only in summer and store them appropriately, either in folded away in bags or in a wardrobe you don’t use.
  • Get rid of clothing that is worn, is not in your colour palette (Tops, sweaters, cardigans and jackets mainly), and clothes you have not worn in the last three years. You can sell, give to charity or trash.

Step 4: Reorganise your Wardrobe

  •  Arrange clothing according to type and colours, i.e. Separate trousers, jeans, skirts, tops, sweaters, cardigans, blazers, coats and accessories (shoes, bags, hats, scarves, etc.) and then arrange these according to colours and shades. For example, blues together, reds together, browns and beiges together, etc.
  • Make a list of what’s missing in your wardrobe. You can be as generic or as specific as you want. For example, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 cardigans, 1 coat, 2 pairs of casual trousers, 2 pairs of boots.closet-1

Step 5: Get comfortable with the idea of Mixing and Matching

  •  The secret to making the most of your wardrobe is learning how to mix and match clothing and accessories. One of the most basic methods to do this effectively is to remember that neutral colours can go with virtually any colour. Therefore, invest in neutral coloured trousers, skirts and jackets which will form the basis of your wardrobe.

Step 6: Know Your Trends

  •  The trends for autumn/winter 2014 include: Animal prints, fur coats, sixties prints and cuts, male-type tailoring, ponchos, capes, sportswear and all over knits.
  • Incorporating the latest trends into your wardrobe is fairly easy. 80% of your clothes should  ideally be classic and 20% trendy.autumn winter trends 2014

Step 7: Have a budget for new purchases

  •  There are two main types of shoppers, those that go to the shops frequently and buy a few items every month or those that save up and have a big shopping trip every season. Regardless of your shopping preferences, set up a budget that you can afford and that will match up to what you really need.

Step 8: Hit the Shops

  •  Head to the shops with a clear idea of what you need and avoid the temptation to buy items that you do not really need or cannot be worn more than once.

Step 9:  Using a Personal Shopper/ Personal stylist

  •  A good personal shopper can really save you huge amounts of time and money in the long term. With a focused approach, an objective eye on you and your requirements and detailed knowledge of body shapes, styles and colours, you can expect to return from your shopping trip with items that make you look young and stylish, suit your personal colouring and body shape, as well as complement your lifestyle and personality.
  • You will never have to feel overwhelmed by the huge choice available on the high-street or frustrated by clothes that don’t fit, and save thousands of wasted pounds and pennies on clothes you never end up wearing. A good personal shopper will make sure you invest your money very wisely when you shop.
  • I always recommend booking a bigger seasonal shopping trip with a personal shopper for essential items to last you for the whole season, which can then be topped up with small monthly purchases that can be done on your own. The sale period is also a good time to hire a personal shopper as you get more items with great value for your money.

 Step 10: Review your Purchases

  •  So the shopping trip is over and you are still excited! Go over your purchases the next day and figure out what items you already have that you can match to your new items. Return any items you are not entirely happy with or ones you feel you won’t wear regularly.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this article and you find it useful.

Your Personal Stylist,

Numba Pinkerton x

Fall Winter 2014 Trends

Autumn is here, and it is therefore a good idea to remind ourselves about the autumn/winter trends before shopping for our autumn/winter wardrobes.  I have picked 10 main themes, which I feel are applicable to the high street and ones that can be translated into our everyday wardrobes. Here is a run through of 10 main themes and trends of the Fall Winter 2014 collections.

1. All Over Knits

all over knites 12. Capes

capes 13. Feline Femininity- Animal Prints

feline femininity 14. Fur Coats

fur coat 15. Optical Monochrome

optical monochrome 16. Poncho’s

poncho 17. Sixties prints


sixties prints 18.  Sportswear

sportswear 19. Sweet Sixties

Sweet sixties 110. Tailoring




Chunk it Up with River Island- Favourite £20 & Under Necklaces

When it comes to dressing up a simple outfit, accessorising is a vital part of your outfit and should not be ignored. Accessorising can change your overall look and improve your image altogether. Accessories are needed to accentuate an outfit and showcase your style and personality. We all know that chunky necklaces are huge part of this year’s trends, but like anything else, the choices out there are endless. The trick is finding something that suits you and works for your outfit.

Whilst on a recent trip personal shopping for a client, I was amazed at the choice of necklaces in River Island as compared to any other shop. Their necklaces ranged from chunky and extravagant to simple and classic. Whilst many other shops only had a few chunky necklaces at the most, River Island definitely proved to be a good choice for variety and quantity! So iv picked 9 of my favourite chunky necklaces that are both versatile and stylish all at a cost of less than £20! These choices will provide an alternative from the usual multicoloured floral design necklaces.

Best Chunky Necklaces River Island

 1. Black Spike Necklace £12- This spiky number is perfect with t-shirts! It has the power to smarten up your outfit and grunge it up at the same time. Are you a rock chick at heart? If so, you have found the perfect necklace.

black spike repeat necklace 12

 2. Gold Tone Lariat Necklace £10- Simple yet effective- This gold necklace is prefect for v-necks or scoop necks. Because the design is quite simple, it can be matched with a printed top or dress. Gold necklaces work better with warmer colours such as browns, oranges, yellows and reds.

gold tone lariat necklace 8

 3. Black teardrop Gemstone Necklace £18- Black and Gold is a great combination. This number is very elegant yet effective. Suitable for round or scooped necklines with no details, this necklace will fill in the space on your chest, and draw attention to your beautiful face and jaw line. Wear with a block coloured top or dress in colours such as black, brown, beige, cream, yellow and green.

black teardrop gemstone necklace 18

 4. Silverstone Diamante Necklace £20- This necklace is so well made that you would naturally expect it to cost more than £20! But it doesn’t. This is perfect for dressing up your occasion dress. Go for a v-neckline to highlight the lovely features of this necklace. Silver can be perfectly matched to cool colours such as greys, pinks (Except corals), blues and greens.  Note: Do not wear silver is you are heavily tanned. Opt for more golden necklaces.

silver stone diamonte necklace 20

 5. Silver Tone and Light Blue Bar Necklace £12- What’s not to love about a pastel blue and silver combo! This simple necklace is perfect for an effortless yet unique smart casual look. It can be work with block colours or a print and still look subtle. A monochrome outfit would work perfectly with this necklace.

silver tone and light blue bar necklace 12

6. Blue Tear Drop Statement necklace £18- Let the necklace do the talking! Pair with a simple block coloured dress in a neutral cool colour such as black, white or grey.

blue teardrop statement necklace 18

 7. Mixed metal Repeat bar Necklace £12– A mix of gold and silver in a necklace is very fashionable and can look stylish with the right top or dress. Perfect for casual outfits!

Mixed Metal Repeat Bar Necklace 12

8. Mixed Metal Twisted Slink necklace £15- I love this necklace because it is so unique! The perfect type of top for this necklace is a cami top. The necklace is so versatile, thanks to it’s silver and gold combo mix. It can go with virtually any colour, adding a spark to your outfit.

Mixed Metal Twisted slinky necklace 15

9. Goldstone Clustered gem necklace £18-This fantastic necklace combines an abstract shape with a unique and pretty floral design to create an elegant necklace which works for any age group. This necklace would go well with tops that have a high neckline. The length of the necklace will elongate your body and the unique design would work with both block colours and prints.

Gold Tone clustred gem necklace 18


So if you are looking for a shop where you can get nearly all of your chunky necklace collection, look no further than River Island!

Your Personal Stylist,

Numba Pinkerton


10 Style & Fashion Tips for Women with Large Breasts

Every woman has their characteristic body shape and features, and although a big bust is deemed as desirable, the reality of having a big bust can be far different. I have come across many woman who would like some help to style and dress for a large bust. So this post will concentrate on flattering a large bust, from minimising to enhancing. The following are some handy tips for women with a big bust:

how to dress for a large bust

1. Dark Colours Minimise- Wear a darker coloured top than bottom which will draw the eye away from your bust and torso onto your bottom half. When referring to dark colours, please don’t restrict your options to only black, some other dark and light combinations would include: a navy top and orange bottom, burgundy top and beige Bottom, brown top and cream bottom, black top and grey bottom, purple top and yellow bottom. Bottoms could be lock colours or patterned.

2. Accessorising – Stick to shorter chains or collar style necklaces. Avoid longer necklaces, as they tend to sit awkwardly on the bust and also draw attention to the tummy area. Chunky necklaces are also ideal for bigger women as they draw attention to your face. Go for medium or large bags to balance out your bust. Small bags will enhance the size of your bust! Use scarves to your advantage rapping them around your neck to cover your bust for women that are really self conscience.

3. Opt for V-Necks and Scoop Necks- These open the expanse of skin between the neck and bust, making your bust appear smaller. Avoid rounded necklines, turtle necks and Halter necks as these make your bust look much bigger than they actually are.

4. Wear Fitted Styles– Baggy styles swamp your figure and make you look bigger than you are. Go for more fitted styles instead to help create a slim streamlined appearance. Fitted Jackets, for example look better as opposed to boxy jackets.  Use a waist belt on your dress to create a streamlined effect.  Instead of belting in a voluminous or flowy dress or top, opt for one that is fitted around the bust to create a streamlined effect. Wrap dresses are fantastic for large busted women for this reason! They combine the fitted effect at the waist with the v-neck effect around the neck to create a slimmer, streamlined and feminine look that is timeless.

5. Sleeve length Matters- Opt for three quarter sleeves, as they will look more slimming and make your bust appear smaller than sleeveless or short sleeved styles.

6. Wear a Proper Bra– make sure you get bra fitted by an expert. Marks and Spencer’s have a bra fitting service and a range of bras specifically made for a large bust. A correct fitting bra will accentuate your bust and provide better support. The right bra will also ensure your clothes feel and sit better

7. Wear Bigger Straps- Avoid spaghetti straps at all costs as they only exaggerate the appearance of your bust and do not support your bust. Bigger straps balance out your bust and provide that extra support for your bust.

8. Wear Single breasted Jackets- Can be quite slimming especially on a large bust. Alternatively, a double breasted jacket makes your torso and bust look much larger than it is.

9. Simple Tops and Jackets with No Fuss around the Bust Area- Pick tops with no frills or flounces and avoid jackets with wide lapels which can add bulk to your bust area. Stick to tops or jackets with minimal fuss.

10.  Fine Knits- Chunky knits can add extra bulk and make you bigger than you are, opt for finer knits instead that will minimise the bulk.


  • High rounded necklines, turtle necks and Halter necks
  • Frills and Flounces on Tops
  • Double breasted jackets
  • Boxy style jackets
  • Chunky knits
  • Buggy styles
  • Long Necklaces
  • Small Bags

 Your Personal Stylist,

Numba Pinkerton xx





The High Fashion Denim Trend for Women- Dress it Up!

Denim has been previously known and used for it’s versatility and allowing women to dress it up or down, but more times than not, denim has been previously seen to represent a casual and street style look.  For this year’s spring summer trends however, denim has taken an evolutionary step to the heights of fashion and been re-branded into a high-end luxury fabric with runways showcasing statement making pieces with denim.



Images from fashionista.com

How to Style Denim Up:

Skirts- Denim skirts can easily be styled with a pair of stilettos, a printed silk shirt and a sleek bun.

Jumpsuits- Jumpsuits can be styled with delicate jewellery, ankle strap or stiletto heels (go for statement heels in a bright colour or print) and a colour matching shoulder bag or clutch.

  Tops- A denim crop top can be paired with satin pants, ankle strap heels and a laid back jacket. Alternatively, pair your denim top with a floor sweeping and flowing printed skirt in a light material paired with oversized sunglasses.

 Jackets- To pull of a high end look with a denim jacket, ensure you pair it with dresses, trousers or skirts in luxury fabrics such as silks, stain or cotton blends in bold prints or bright colours. Wear with heels, boots or wedges.

 Trousers- As for your jeans, style with a white or white/blue stripped shirt, high heels and a men-style watch with delicate jewellery in gold or silver. A very stylish classic!

Dresses- Find a denim dress with interesting details that you can simply wear with something as simple as white wedges and a chunky necklace.

So now that we know how to style our denims, here is a list of some high street denim favourites:

 Denim Trends High Street 2014

1. Warehouse Jumpsuit £65

2. Zara Denim Jumpsuit £39.99

3. South Biker Denim Dress Littlewoods.com £35

4. Primark Roll Sleeve Denim Shirt £8

5. Warehouse Vutton Up Full Skirt £35

6. Oasis Plain Chambray Denim Cami £25

7. Warehouse denim Coat £95

8. French Connection Bradley denim Jacket £95

9. French Connection Morgan Lace Playsuit £69

So why not try and incorporate more denim into your wardrobe this year?


By Numba Pinkerton.


Crop Tops- How to Wear Them

Crop tops are very fashionable at the moment, and although they can look very fashionable on some people, they could also look completely ‘off’ on certain body types. To draw a balance, I always recommend investing in a few investment pieces/classics to make your chosen top look amazing and stylish. Fashion always fades, so buying some ‘in-fashion’ pieces must be done cheaply. You do not want to spend a fortune on items that will go ‘off-season’ very quickly.
So if you have been working hard on your sit-ups recently, chances are that you will look fab in a crop top! Crop tops would suit people with flat stomachs, Petites and flat/medium-chested women.
The most versatile way to wear your crop top is to select a classy style in pastel or neutral colours such as black, navy, charcoal, beige, white, off-white, etc and then go crazy with your bottom half, opting for prints,  pastel or bright colours complementary to your top. High waist trousers and fitted or A-Line skirts in bright colours and patterns may just give you an edge!

Examples: (Refer to Image)
1 Can be worn with A and B
2 Can be worn with  C and D
3 Can be worn with E and F

Spring 2014 Colour & Style Trends


Spring has been very slow to come but it’s finally here. For most of us, this is an exciting time to update our wardrobes with something fresh and new. This article will highlight the Spring 2014 Trends, which will enable you to pick and buy some trendy new items to add to your existing wardrobe in order to keep it fresh and stylish.

 From tribal influences to floral prints, artistic inspiration to metallics, street style to sheer fabrics, this season’s trends were varied as they were masterful and feminine. In terms of colour we have four main colour trends:

1. Orange

 Orange is certainly the new black this season! If you have a warm skin tone, then you are one lucky woman, because orange is here for the taking in your spring wardrobe. The fiery hue has been spotted all over the spring 2014 ready to wear shows making it’s way from the season’s trends for lip colour to clothes, bags and shoes. If you find it overpowering, go for a hint of colour rather than a full block.

2. Icy Pastels

 Muted blush, mint, violet and icy blue all walked the runways. Icy Pastels are perfect for spring because they add a bit of colour to your wardrobe without being too intense or obvious. These colours will enhance your features and give you a fresh look. most pastel colours will work best on womwn with a light colouring or those with cool skin tones.

3. Black and White Combinations

 The combination of black and white is definitely proving it’s staying power with most brands having a few items in this lovely combination. Perfect as a printed item of clothing or colour blocks.

4. Metallics

 Glamorous golds and shimmering silver add a touch to the season. Perfect for evening wear or accessorising your outfit.

 Enjoy the spring season!

By Numba Pinkerton